The Earl Seibert Collection

Seibert, Earl

It was in Chicago that Earl established himself as one of the best defensemen of his era. He was named to the 1st or 2nd All-Star Team each year between 1935 and 1944, a feat surpassed only by Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Bobby Hull and Doug Harvey. Earl was generally regarded as second only to Eddie Shore in terms of skill and rugged play. Although his career was full of great accomplishments, it was compromised by one of the worst accidents in hockey history. On January 28, 1937, in a game against the Montreal Canadiens, Seibert and Howie Morenz chased after a puck behind the Chicago net. Seibert tied up his man on the play, but Morenz fell awkwardly into the boards, breaking his leg. Just six weeks later, Morenz died in hospital, having never recovered emotionally from the devastation of the career-ending injury. Seibert himself never really got over the trauma; whenever he was asked if he'd ever played against Morenz, he'd reply bitterly, "Yeah. I killed him." In 1963 he was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame and, along with his father, who was elected in 1961, became the first father-son combination ever elected as players.

These following jerseys come from the Earl Seibert estate.

Research assistance thanks goes out to the following:  Marc Juteau of Classic Auctions, Stuart Oxenhorn, the Hockey Hall of Fame and SIHR.

First All-Star Team Defense (1935, 1942, 1943, 1944)
Second All-Star Team Defense (1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941)

1944-45 Chicago Blackhawks         posted 2-18-05

Earl Seibert  - Wool knit, size 44. Lowe and Campbell Athletic goods tag in the hem. This jersey style was worn from January 1941 to 1946-47, then from 1947 to 50 they did not wear the Indian head patch on the sleeve.  The Hawks only wore these for selected games because the barber pole jersey was the main jersey they wore. This style is very rare, and this is the only one that SOTG has ever seen to date.  The jersey itself is in beautiful condition. The Indian head patch is a fantastic felt with chain stitched embroidery. The number are a red felt base with a silk version of tackle twill. There are some small holes from poor storage, but it does not take away from the jersey, the jersey is in overall excellent condition.

Game Wear:     Hall of Fame Member  

Right Sleeve - 1 team repair near the right shoulder, one visible stick mark, good general sweat staining on the ends of the sleeve cuff. 
Left Sleeve - Good general sweat stains and game use towards the end of the sleeve cuff.
Front - General staining and some blood.
Back - Some general game use.
Inside - Good inside pilling.






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1944-45 Chicago Blackhawks         posted 2-18-05

Earl Seibert  - Wool knit, size 44. The classic barber pole Hawks jersey, one of the most beautiful wool NHL jerseys ever made. There are some small holes from poor storage, but it does not take away from the jersey, the jersey is in overall excellent condition. There is a 2"x1.5" tag in the inside seam and written in pen and shows a of vintage age "Seibert 44".  No other tagging are in the jersey. The logo is a beautiful felt with very intricate chain stitching. The numbers on the back are felt on felt. 

Game Wear:       Hall of Fame Member

Right Sleeve - 4 very nice wool team repairs and general game use.
Left Sleeve - 5 nice team repairs and general game use. 
Front - 2 nice team repairs. In the arm pit area's you have bleeding of the colors from sweat, this is also evident near the collar area near the top of the crest.
Back - The back is in great condition.
Inside - Good inside use.






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1939-40 Chicago Black Hawks         posted 2-18-05

Johnny Gottselig - Wool, size 42 . The famous Chicago barber pole wool, one of if not the best wool NHL jersey ever made. Left-winger Johnny Gottselig played nearly 600 NHL games for the Chicago Black Hawks between 1928-29 and 1945-46. He was a reliable scorer who could also check and provide leadership in the dressing room. During the 1930s Gottselig was a mainstay in the Chicago line up and was a big part of Stanley Cup wins in 1934 and 1938. During the 1938 post-season he led all scorers with eight points in ten games. The next year he scored 39 points and was named to the NHL second all-star team. This jersey comes from the Earl Seibert collection. Earl is a Hockey Hall of Fame member, and played with Johnny Gottselig.  LOA from the Spirit of the Game. The jersey has a tag labeled in pen 39' for the year 1939-40.  No other tags are in the jersey.

Game Wear:       

Right Sleeve - 3 team repairs and several small unrepaired holes.
Left Sleeve - 2 team repairs and several small unrepaired holes.  
Front - 1 team repair towards the hem and several unrepaired holes. Beautiful felt crest.
Back - 1 team repair on the back.
Fight Strap - NA
Inside - Good inner pilling.
Sold for $20,000.00


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