Authenticity -

The Spirit of the Game authenticates every jersey sold in auction and retail.  We have vast resources available to us.  We can also often find a photo of the player wearing a jersey in a game, which will add considerable value to your item. You will have a piece of mind that every jersey is authenticated that we sell. We have sold hundreds of jersey and never had a jersey sent back to us because of authentication. We are proud of this and stand behind every jersey we sell.

Items that are consigned for sale with The Spirit of the Game will be authenticated by us prior to going up for auction or sale. Everything you see on our site has been reviewed by us first, and will include a letter of authenticity from us when sold. Items that we establish to be replicas will be posted as such, and will not have a letter of authenticity sent with them when purchased.

Authenticity policy - SOTG will stand behind every jersey sold by us that is accompanied by a LOA from us for a Lifetime.  We recommend that our clients and potential buyers verify the authenticity of the items if they have any doubts.  However, SOTG will be the final judge of the authenticity of each and every item it sells.  We are not bound by the opinion of outside authenticators and so called experts.  If items we sell do have other outside LOA's with the item it will be disclosed in the description on our site.  We believe in full disclosure of provenance even though it may promote our competitors. We believe the collector should know everything about the jersey he is buying.