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Game Worn Jerseys - Do your homework!

Types of Jerseys

Game Worn
A game worn hockey jersey is mainly a hockey jersey that has been worn by a professional hockey player. Under this we have several types. It is important when buying a game worn jersey that you do your homework.

You have to make sure the jersey is what it is advertised to be.

1) A regular season or playoff game worn can be several different things.

a) An actual jersey worn on the ice for a game. We can refer to these as Game Used.

b) A jersey worn by a back up goalie or player that does not leave the bench.

c) A jersey that is only worn in the pre-game skate.

A jersey worn in a teams practice. Generally a plain jersey with some sort of crest and number on back.

Training camp
Usually the same as a game jersey, but only worn in training camp at the beginning of the season. Team scrimmages.

Can be the same jersey as the training camp jersey, but worn in a preseason game. These jerseys can vary a little from regular season jersey.

Team Issue
I hate this term, but people do use it. This usually means a jersey that was issued to the team, but never used. I think a lot of people take advantage of this term. To me a real team issue jersey is where a player gets called up and plays in say 2 home games then sent back down. They make up the road jersey but it is never worn. Or a situation where the next set of jerseys is made up and a player gets traded. These to me are real team issue jerseys. Not where a team or manufacturer makes up extras that never had a chance at seeing the players back. These jerseys can be very dangerous in the hobby as they are tagged just like a actual Game Worn. To me they are no better then a authentic replica.

Authentic Replica
A jersey that is sold in stores to the exact specifications of the game jerseys.

A jersey that is not to exact specifications for sale in stores that is generally a cheaper alternative.

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